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This year's design was choosen by the Derthick family.  We decided to go with the haunted house and witch.  We felt that we are giving our friends and families a choice rather to go thru a small, medium, or large maze. For the first time, we have incorporated a logo in our maze.  The "SMILE" maze is .4 miles, while the haunted house is 1.8 miles and the witch is 3.2 miles. All together there are about 5 miles of trails. Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes and  proper clothing when coming to the maze.  We hope that you and your family will make your visit to Derthick's Corn Maze a family tradition. 

On Tuesday July 21, 2009, Shawn Stolworthy from MazePlay came to Derthick's Farm to cut out our huge Corn Maze in the 17 acres of corn.  We are very excited to show you what kind of equipment Shawn uses. It is a John Deere tractor with a special GPS system and a rototiller on the back.  He calls his helper in Idaho and they download the design, off he goes thru the corn and tah-dah the maze is cut. To see more mazes, go to